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Welcoming Spaces

Catawba Valley Pride is excited to announce the launching of the LGBT* Welcoming Spaces campaign. This campaign is in response to the recent tragic deaths of two transgender teens in the Charlotte area, and efforts to pass laws enabling discrimination against LGBT customers. Catawba Valley Pride seeks to create a more supportive environment in the Catawba Valley by asking LGBT* affirming businesses and organizations to display the message “We Welcome Everyone” in their storefront window.

LGBT* adults and youth suffer as effects of discrimination and bullying increased rates of poor mental health, depression and suicide attempts. In contrast, supportive family, workplace and public environments are known to improve the mental and physical health of LGBT* individuals.

As a way to create a more welcoming environment and to allow businesses and organizations to highlight their support their LGBT* customers, we are inviting businesses and organizations in the Catawba Valley region to display a “We Welcome Everyone” message to show support for members of the LGBT* community. Catawba Valley Pride is offering stickers and decals at no charge. You can request one here.

LGBT* folks and allies – you are welcome to a sticker for your laptop, water bottle, forehead.. wherever you want to make a stand and help get the word out that there is acceptance and support in our community. CVP.LGBT links directly to our web site which offers resources and a community calendar for LGBT* individuals.

Thanks to a generous donor we can offer stickers at no charge. However, please consider a small donation to our PayPal account to cover shipping costs.

We can’t wait to see these stickers all over our community!

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