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We Speak

We Speak is a forum for our voices to be heard by anyone willing to listen.

Speak about current issues, share stories of growing up LGBT, express your poetic abilities. Part of the mission of Catawba Valley Pride is to to increase public awareness of the LGBT community so as to eliminate homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination. Our voices help to achieve this mission.

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  1. I’m super happy that I found this website! I’m 19 and gay! I’m proud of who I am and I’m proud to say that I’m going to school to become a Presbyterian (USA) Minister! I REALLY need to attend some of these event; my prayer is that through my own life of reflecting my God’s love that people will understand that all love is the same, even if it is two men or two women!

    Love, Peace, Mercy

    Dannie D. Coffey

  2. Southern Gay and Proud said:

    Aug 2012 – Long View, NC

    Since I was about the age of 8 I have listened to people call me a “faggot”…first in school, and then later out in the community. Never have I been as pissed when this happens as I was walking to the car at Galaxy in Long View. I simply wished they had NOT been in a moving car. I would have loved to sent them home to tell their wives they got their arses kicked by a fag!

    After some time to think about that debacle at the grocery store, I have come to a few theories about such behavior…

    1. Most people with that much outward hate have even more inside them.
    2. Some of these same people are also lurking in bathrooms, alley ways and corners looking for a little “something” on the side. (I say this because I have personally discovered several former classmates who were very phobic, only because they wanted it themselves but was too afraid to go after it.)
    3. Manly men seem to be the worst at it, as well….especially Alpha Male types who think they have something to prove. All the while they are bending over for anything that will give them the time of day, while telling their wife they went to the “store” or to “hang out with Joe”.
    4. These same individuals are also in church every week, preaching, amen-ing, and otherwise pretending to be the quintessential Conservative family man–while squealing like a PIG!
    5. This type of hypocrisy is a common thread throughout those in denial of things they hate in themselves but see in others and covet.
    6. Even if I am wrong in my living my life the way I do–at least I am man enough to be who and what I am–without putting on a “face” for others to see.

    Now, back to our normal, chipper day!

  3. Jeanie said: is a great website too. My partner & I do not have any children at home but we have a bunch of pets! I haven’t been very good at getting ‘our group’ together on a regular basis but if you’d like to meet a bunch of great people – I’d be happy to plan something 🙂

    Write us at or look for the Dirt Girls Artisans door at the Pride Festival!

  4. I just wanted you to know that what you doing is great. Keep doing it. I’m 19 and gay and did not know who to turn to to find other gay people. My mom is very strict and churchy and don’t like that I am gay. My older sister found this web site and told me about it. I was wanting to go to your pride thing this year but I had to work. Please keep up your good work. I haven’t done anything with you yet but it helps just knowing that there is alot more around here for people like me. I’ve always felt alone and different but just to know that you guys are here really helps me get through it all. J

  5. Shanika said:

    Hey , very excited to see this site. My partner and I just moved here and are looking to make friends with local lgbt. We plan on being very active in the community . We have four children ranging in ages 15-6. We would love to find other children who have queer parents to socialize with. I have started a yahoo page called . But its open to all parents.Email me at if you are interested in all of the above.

  6. I was just introduced to this site. I think its great to see more pride organizations in the western part of the state having grown up in Mt. Airy, NC myself. If its alright, I’d like to plug a few websites as long as I’m here.

    Equality NC has been working on a statewide ENDA push, and now that the GOP has taken over the General Assembly their efforts opposing a marriage discrimination amendment are all the more important so I encourage anyone to join their listserv by going to their website and clicking Join Our Online Action Network:

    Here is another important link showing that pushing marriage discrimination is fiscally irresponsible for the public’s money, to the tune of $5,726,500. Share this far and wide because 2011 or 2012 could be when the marriage discrimination amendment is debated:

    Some good news out of the last election:

    And one other upcoming battle. Chapel Hill is the largest town in NC to have an openly gay mayor (he was just elected for that post in 09) and since its a 2 year term the re-election fight is coming in 2011. So if anyone wants to keep an eye on that, here is the place:

  7. jason smith said:

    if you feel let down there is people to talk to and also people to help to

  8. Yeah, those poor kids felt so much misery that they thought suicide was the only way out of it. It breaks my heart. For all the stride in LGBT acceptance, there is still so much hatred and intolerance. With the teen suicide and bullying, the rash of violence, the increased political rhetoric… it shows we need to step it up. We are each personally responsible for doing our best to ease the negative atmosphere. I am elated to see Pride in Hickory. If the South can do it, it can be done, lol. =)

  9. admin said:

    Sticks and Stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me….
    Tell that to the families of:

    • 11yo Carl Walker-Hoover who hanged himself
    • 18yo Tyler Clementi who jumped from bridge
    • 19yo Raymond Chase who hanged himself
    • 13yo Asher Brown who shot himself
    • 13yo Seth Walsh who hanged himself
    • 15yo Justin Aaberg who hanged himself
    • 15yo Billy Lucas who hanged himself

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